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Price: $21.95


Ease of Use:

Rating: 1

Pros: Excellent reporting.
Cons: Too many false positives.


  Link Logger is a program that logs all the events on your Linksys Router. Simply set your Linksys router to send all logs to the computer where you're running Link Logger, and you'll have an instant view of all the traffic that hits your router.

  The interface is quite good. It has a Traffic section, Detail section and History section. All the logged traffic shows up in the Traffic section. You can apply a filter remove "normal" traffic so you won't see all your own web-browsing in the logs. This is the preferred setting for me, as I get quite a bit of incoming and outgoing Web-traffic. Double-clicking on an entry in the Traffic section will copy the information down to the Detail section. Here, Link Logger will attempt to do a reverse lookup on the IP addresses, list the Alert info on the port numbers, and also provide a URL where you can read more about the potential exploit. Unfortunately, Link Logger gives you too many false positives, so you might end up having to sort through a fairly large list of alarms. From the Detail section, you can add the ports and/or IP address to the Port/IP alarm list, or load the port/IP history. The later will show you all entries in the database matching the IP address or port number. Quite handy when you want to check what someone is trying to do to your computer...

  As briefly mentioned earlier, there's an IP and port alarm list. Here you can define IP addresses and ports that will generate an alarm. Enter port 80, and you'll get an alarm every time someone probes your router for Code Red (you'll turn that off pretty fast!). If you are doing port forwarding, you can enter that information into Link Logger as well, and it'll stop alerting on traffic going to your server(s). And, there's also a trusted IP address list. Addresses listed here will not generate any alerts.

  Link Logger also has a handy Report generator. It displays different types of information as 3D pie charts so you can easily spot the most popular activity on your router. The charts can also be exported as a bitmap or metafile, or simply copied to the clipboard. Very nice feature.

  In short, a good product for logging the activity on your Linksys router. I hope they'll work on it some more to reduce the number of false positives.