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Privacy Feedback Testimonials:
It's really amazing that you are the only one with a close to complete guide on setting up WPA. I have searched almost everywhere and they either link to your site or lack important information.
Excellent tutorial on setting up your WAP for IAS authentication
Recently came across the documentation you've put together on your website regarding how to setup a wireless access point using RADIUS. I wanted to thank you for putting that document together and making it available to others
General Security
Symantec Firewall/VPN Documents

Security 101 - Things you should know before you start.

Security how-to - How to protect your computer.

Securing Windows - More tips on how to secure your Windows Computer.

Secure WLAN part 1 - Configuring Radius server (IAS) and certificate authority to secure wireless networks.

Secure WLAN part 2 - Configuring your WLAN client to work with Radius server.

Secure WLAN part 3 - Settings to ease management and lock down your wireless network some more.

Symantec Firewall appliance 101 - Basic configuration of the Symantec Firewall/VPN appliance.

Symantec Firewall Expert level - A couple of more things you can do to your firewall...

Symantec Firewall Wishlist.

Log file analyzer. Updated 6/12/03

VPN tunnel to Symantec Enterprise Firewall.

MRTG monitoring of SFV.

Dshield client for SFV. Version 1.31 now available.

Fun with Linux
General Networking
Linksys Documents

Linksys WAP54G configuration - How to set up and secure your Wireless Access Point.

Linksys Router configuration 101 - Basic configuration of the Linksys BEFSR router.

Linksys Router intermediate configuration - Forwarding and filters.

Linksys News - New firmware features and what they do.

Linksys Wish List - Things I'd like to see the Linksys router do.

The Linksys Firmware. Get the firmware from here.

Other issues with the Linksys Router.

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