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Getting Half-Life working with SyGate

This tip from Ben Gritz

On the server computer you have to go under your SyGate directory and make a change to a file called apprule.cfg. Here is what you need to add to your apprule.cfg. You should put this packet right under the MS Game Zone packet.

:INIT "Half Life Server" 
In TCP 27015 27015 ( your server's IP adress) 27015 50000 M 

Also you do not need to make any changes with your woncomm.lst file like you have to do with Wingate.

Now when you try to go into a game with one of the client computers the host/server has to be in the game first. You only need one CD key for Half-Life or any other mod to run. I have been doing this with a cable modem and it runs fine. It goes smooth and your client's computer's latency probably won't be much higher than the hosts computer's latency.

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