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Questions and Answers

First, I apologize for not directly answering all the questions that I get; I try to catch up every now and then, but I'm afraid I just can't get to everybody. That's why I'm making this page, to go through some of the questions I get. Now, on to the questions:

Q - WON doesn't authenticate me. What's wrong?

A - First off, everybody gets "invalid authentication information" every now and then; simply try to connect again. If that's not the issue, check in the GateKeeper if a connection is made to WON authentication server on the correct ports (7002). Also check the log file for the service to see what is going on. If your services on the proxy machine does not correspond to what info you put in the woncomm.lst, you might not get the connections you need. Double-check your setup.

Q - I don't have access to my schools/work proxy/firewall, how can I play?

A - No access, no game.

Q - Does it work with a Socks server?

A - No

Q - How can I play with more than one computer behind the proxy.

A - Change the port number the Half Life program uses so that each machine uses a different port. This way, the proxy can figure out who is what, and where to send the data that comes in from the Half-Life server. You can specify the port number as a parameter in the command-line, ie:

D:\SIERRA\Half-Life\hl.exe -console -zone 1024 -port 27001

Q - What's with the Sygate Tip?

A - The Sygate tip appears to be for running a server behind a Sygate machine rather than playing. 

Q - Where do you play?

A - I'm retired :-)


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