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The SonicWall SOHO/10 is a neat firewall solution not only for SOHOs but also for the home networks. At $400, it might be a bit pricey, but if your concerned about security and want to protect your home computers from outsiders, then put it on the list of things to look at. I've had a chance to test then, and they are a snap to configure. 

What does this have to do with Half-Life? Well, you still want to play, don't you? The default rule on the SonicWall firewall is to allow all outgoing traffic and deny all incoming traffic. By having the default rule enabled, you can play Half-Life with no worries. You can even set up redirects, so that anyone hitting your firewall on port 80 (http) will be transparently redirected to your webserver on the inside, while anyone hitting your SonicWall on port 25 will be redirected to your mail server.

Add your servers to the Game Server list

This tip came from Jeff Hatch from New Zealand

Once you have created the services on your proxy-server, you can add them to the Favorite Servers from within Half-Life. To do this, simply go to Multiplayer and click on "Add Server" and type in the name/IP address of your proxy server and the portnumber on which you created the service, like this:

Press "Filter" to only display your favorite servers (which you just added), and once you hit "refresh", Half-Life will go out and retrieve the info for that server. You should then be able to see how fast the server is, what game and map is currently running and how many people are currently on the server. You should also be able to join a game by simply clicking "Join"


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