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Starting with the Sunfire GXP Concept.

This is a work in progress, content may change at any time. This "Walkthrough" may not be posted on any other sites without my expressed permission. 

When Scoring all bronze on the A Licenses will get you a Pontiac Sunfire GXP Concept '02. Let's see how we things turns out when we start with this car.

First, do the usual upgrades; Oil change, a wing, the Racing Chip (Cr. 1,250) and stage one weight reduction (Cr. 1,100). That leaves us with Cr. 6,400 in the bank, and a 200HP car to blow away the competition. We're also going to get the sports suspension so we can lower the car and stiffen things up a little bit. That's going to cost us another Cr. 3,100.

The usual starting place is the Sunday Cup, and there was no surprises here. This car will blow away everything in the Sunday Cup. Again, we win the Autobianchi A112 Abarth, which we sell for just under Cr. 8,400.

Moving on to the FF Challenge. The car feels a little sluggish, it doesn't feel like it's picking up speed like it should. But even so, this is enough car to win the FF Challenge races without too much effort. With the winnings from these races, we now have a nice lump of money, so we're going shopping again. This time, we're aiming high. The S3 tires costs us Cr. 6,300, the semi racing Flywheel costs Cr. 550, the Sports Exhaust is Cr. 1,550 and the Stage 2 NA Engine upgrade is Cr. 12,000. That should give us 260 horses under the hood...

Next, we're going to the American Hot Rod Race. Doesn't sound like this would be the best race for this car, but you should be able to win two of those races; the El Capitan and the Laguna Seca. I could not beat the Cobra on the New York track... So, that should be Cr. 6,000 earned.

Now for the money maker test. If the car can pass the Capri Rally in the Special Events hall, then you can make enough money to get somewhere in the game without having to re-do all the easy races. The first race was fairly easy. I overshot on the first corner and got a 5 second penalty, but managed to hang on to the other car. I was trailing it down the hill on the other end of the track (where I got another 5 second penalty), and then finally passed him in the really tight hairpin turns. At that point, it was only a matter of cruising for another lap to a comfortable win. The real test is the reverse Rally. That first corner is very tight, and if you come in too fast, you've already lost. I managed to stay with him for the first few corners and passed him in the last right corner before the long winding stretch up the hill. It appears to be steeper going this way, and the car still felt sluggish and couldn't get a good speed going up here, but it was enough. Once I started going down hill at the other end, I was 3 seconds ahead, and I never saw the other car again...

At this point, you should have about Cr. 18,000 so there's nothing stopping you from either continuing tuning the Sunfire so it can win the American Hot Rod Race or the Clubman Cup in the Professional Hall. However, this can not compete in either the NA Race or the Turbo Race (turbo are not not available for this car), and since it's a Concept car, it cannot compete in races that are restricted to production cars. This severely limits what you can do with this car.

Verdict: Much better to start with than the Lupo, but still somewhat limited. Spending money on this car beyond the basic upgrades may not be the best way to go. Use it to win the Sunday Cup and the FF Challenge, then use the Cr. 20,000+ you have from that (after selling the Autobianchi A112 Abarth) on something that can win some other races.

1999 - 2005 Lars M. Hansen