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Running with the Lupo.

This is a work in progress, content may change at any time. This "Walkthrough" may not be posted on any other sites without my expressed permission. 

What would have happened if we just got the VW Lupo 1.4 '02 from the B License test, and just went with that? Well, let's see what our options are... I now have a Lupo and Cr. 10,000. The point here is to not get stuck doing the same races over and over without the ability to progress. Once stagnation is achieved, it's a failure, and you'd be better of selling the car for the few credits you can get for it.

At first, we'll get the standard upgrades. A Racing Chip is Cr. 1,000 and the same for a stage 1 weight reduction. With Cr. 8,000 remaining, our choices are very limited, and this car doesn't have a whole lot going for so. So here's out shopping list:

That's a total of Cr. 7,250, leaving us with only 750 left, and a Lupo with 109HP.

Not much tuning to be done here other than adjusting the wing for a little extra help with the grip. The super close transmission will help with acceleration, but it also brings down your top speed, which is a problem you will run into soon enough.

Head on to the Sunday Cup, and you should be able to win the first three races without too much trouble. The A-Spec points here range from 35 to 63 (I forgot the oil change on the first race, so that might be why there's such a jump in points). That's Cr. 1,800 in earnings for those three races, which gives you a grand total of Cr. 2,550. Head for the Special Stage 5 track, and give that try. I came in second, which gives me 500 Credits for a total of 3,050. That's enough for the Sports Suspension, so buy that and equip it. Reduce the ride height to 125mm, put the shocks at 6, and the chamber angle at 2.5 for the front and 1.5 on the rear.

Head back to the Sunday Cup, and go to the Twin Ring Montegi track. You should be able to win this one. Your only weapons are braking and turning. Brake late and hard, and overtake the other cars in the turns. On the last lap, you have to be close to the lead car heading into the last S curve. Brake late and hard going in there, and pass him in the first corner of the S, then cut in front of him into the second corner. Hit the accelerator to gain speed going out, then brake hard going into the last turn. Don't go too hard or accelerate too early or you'll end up in the grass. The distance you gain on him through these last turns is what gives you the win. The finish line is way down on the straight, and he's got more power than you, so he'll catch up. If you didn't get enough of a gap, you're toast! But, you should be able to do it, and get 47 A-Spec points for this race. Head back to the Special Stage 5 track, and re-run that one. You have to get past the #5 car before you head into the S's on the first lap. Try to pass two more cars into the hard right curve, then aim for the car in the 3rd spot. You should be able to pass him either in the tunnel or coming out of the tunnel, either way, you should be 2nd going into the 2nd and last lap. You might get passed (briefly) towards the end of the straightway, but you can take care of that with a late and hard braking into the first corner. Unless the lead car is a rocket, you should be able to catch up going through the the S curves. Don't be tempted to go too fast in that hard right turn, you'll end up in the wall. If you can't pass him in that turn, you should be able to overtake him in the next few turns (there's only three left, so don't hesitate). With this win, you've finished the Sunday Cup without too much trouble. And the reward is an Autobianchi A112 Abarth '79.

Next step is the FF Challenge. That's not going to be easy with this Lupo, but we'll give it a try. When you enter with this car, the A-Spec point will be high, maybe too high. Mid-field Reverse came out to be 143 Pts, Suzuka East 169 Pts and Grand Valley East 158 pts. Needless to say, I didn't win any of those, but I came in 2nd at Suzuka and 3rd at Mid-field, so at least I got some money. With a 5th place at Grand Valley and a 3rd place in Hong Kong, I had enough money for an Exhaust upgrade. Going back to Suzuka, the points were now lowered to 158 which is still high, but the fact that I almost won that race means I'd have a better chance at winning it now. It wasn't easy, but I did.

Sell the Autobianchi A112 Abarth. At this point, it would just be a money pit to upgrade it to something you can race, and you can win it again for free by clearing the stats on the Sunday Cup anyways, and you're better off with the 8,400Cr. you get for selling it anyways. With the win at Suzuka, our existing few credits and the money from the sale, we should have a nice lump of money. Time to upgrade the Lupo again. Get the Stage 1 Turbo upgrade for Cr. 4,500 and the S3 tires for Cr. 5,600. With the 157HP and better grip, you'll have an easier time of winning the FF Challenge races. I won the Midfield race easily, although it may look scary at times. The Lupo is built for technical tracks, and the Mid-field racetrack has a rather long straightaway that works to your disadvantage. Since your top speed is 104MPH, the other cars will gain on you down this stretch and all the way over the hill and down towards the tunnel. After that, it's all technical, and you should be able to gain the advantage again.

And then it's time to admit failure. The Lupo simply doesn't have anywhere else to go. There are not more beginner races it can participate it. It doesn't stand a change in the Lupo Cup, nor does it have a chance in the Euro Hot Hatch race, which are pretty much the only places you can take it. It doesn't have the power to compete in the Professional Hall, nor does it have much of a chance of winning the #2 Rally in the Special Events hall.

Verdict: Sell the Lupo, and use the money from it on something else. You can buy Lupo at a later point to participate in the Lupo cup.

1999 - 2005 Lars M. Hansen