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  satellite picture of Nurburgring with the names of the turns.  
  Opera Performance S2000 at Aremburg  
  This is the Nissan Motul Pitwork Z (JGTC) cutting the first right-hand corner on Nurburgring.  
  The Pitwork Z coming out of the same corner, going too fast and getting into the grass on the left side of the track.  
  Same car, almost same spot. The Pitwork Z is just barely keeping two wheels on the tarmac.  
  Pitwork Z at the Quiddelbacher-Hohe, one of the best jumps on Nurburgring. Due to heavy downforce on this car, it's not an impressive jump.  
  Pitwork Z going 145MPH through Angst Kurve.  
  Renault Clio Sports V6 straining through Hatzenbach.  
  Renault Clio being pushed very hard through Hocheichen.  
  Clio catching up to a Honda S2000 type V.  
  Peekaboo, I see you. Renault Clio still trailing the S2000 type V. I believe this is at Pflanzgarten.  
  Side by with with a white Honda S2000, fighting for second place.  
  Perfect slide through Angst Kurve. The car way up front is the S2000 Type V that I was trailing earlier.  
  Black 300 SL and a '63 Corvette coming over the Quiddelbacher-Hohe.  
  Red 300SL coming over Quiddelbacher-Hohe a few seconds later.  
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