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Gran Turismo 4

I won't tell you how to play your game. It's your money, it's your game, you are free to play it your way. The guides I have written are playing it my way. So, what is "my" way? Well, I want to play the game, not exploit it. So, I don't "clear" the status of a race I've won to win the same car again for extra "free" money and I try not to redo races that I've already won to get more money. It gets boring quickly if you have to redo Sunday Cup over and over. Instead, I pick a car to start with that I know can earn me some money, and take it from race to race and keep improving it so that it'll be a winning car. I'd rather lose a race and learn from my mistakes there than to do the same thing over and over to get an expensive upgrade that will make the rest of the races too easy. I think you'll see that is a common thread in the following guides; win a race, upgrade and move on to the next. Good luck with your racing!

About the videos.

The big video is a full lap around the Nurburgring using a Mercedes Benz 300 SL. It's from the first lap of the 1000! Miles championship. I had to add some brightness to the result, as the output from the PS2 is somewhat dark. I also added "white highlights", which just makes white areas extra bright, just for an added effect. This probably doubled the rendering time of the video, but I like the result. The video is about 17MB, and you are probably better off saving it to disk rather than attempting to stream it. It's only available in WMV format

New Video is of an orange Mazda RX-7 LM Race car on one lap around Laguna Seca. It's less than a minute and a half, and there's no sound. This is the second (of two) laps around the track, and I'm in a battle for first place with an RX-8.

The third video, added 10/4/05 is also the RX-7 LM Race car, this one is red and it's on the Nurburgring race track. The video is 4 minutes long, 320x240, and now with sound!. I didn't race the track in 4 minutes; some parts have been edited out "for content and to fit in the time allotted".

BMW Battle video, added 10/14/05, is taken from the "M" Club race. The race is at Apricot Hill, and it's a very close race between three cars; a blue BMW M5, a black BMW M3 CSL, and a silver BMW M3, the later driven by me. The video is 4:35 long, 512kbps, wmv format, and the quality is good enough to do a 200% zoom or even full screen without it getting too boxy.

About the photo album.

I try to take some pictures as I play the game, and the ones that make it ends up here. Most of the pictures are from the Nurburgring track, but there are also the occasional other track.

Great achievements in GT4.


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