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Internet Database Connectivity

This is quite possible the hottest thing around. Everyone with a web-server, a database, and (hopefully) some content they want to distribute to the world, can now do so. If you don't know how to do it yet, here's one solution:
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Set up an ODBC driver for your database.

  1. Double click the 32-ODBC icon in the Control Panel. This will produce the screen as shown to the right.

  2. Click on the System DSN tab, then click Add.

  3. Select the driver for your database (i.e. Microsoft Access), and click Finish. You will then be presented with a window as shown in figure d)

  4. Give your Data Source a meaningful name, and possibly a description. The Data Source Name (DSN) is mandatory. This is what you will later use to reference your database.

  5. Click Select, and locate your database. This will give you a normal "file open" window, in which you can browse around until you find your database. Once the database has been selected, the filename and path will show right above the Select button.

  6. Click OK, and you will be presented with a window as shown in figure f). Here you can see your DSN, and what type of DataBase it is.

Next Step - The Access Side of things.