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MS Access page.

The following pages are simply moved (and reformatted) from my old Mediaone website since it'll be shut down on March 15th. The contents is the same, and will most likely remain untouched.

I've also included the PowerBar dll, which provides a handy progress meter for use in MS Access. See documentation for more info. NOTE: It appears that the PowerBar.dll doesn't work with Windows2000 or Windows XP. It was written for Windows 95, and the source code are unfortunately lost, so I can't recompile it.

Part 1 - Setting up the ODBC driver

Part 2 - The Access Side of things

Part 3 - First steps with IDC/HTX

Part 4 - IDC/HTX - Data in - Data out.

The "TheBar" section of this website is done with IDC/HTX, and is a working sample of how simple database generated pages can be done with IDC/HTX and a simple MS Access back-end.

And even before you ask, no, it's not likely that I'll update these pages for Access 2000, ASP, or SQL server (actually, with the ODBC set up right, it doesn't matter what the back-end is)

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