Android App development - Dealing with distractions

May 06 2013 by Lars M. Hansen

Working in a one man team doing app development for Android is not as easy as it would seem. Without the distractions and interactions of other team members, one would think it would be a simple matter of just moving forward. Unfortunately, there are other distractions, and I don't mean the TV, or the internet, or even just being able to go to the beach any time I'd like to.

It's not even a motivation issue. I'm plenty motivated to get this thing done, but I'm also my own worst enemy. My own brain is sabotaging my own work. While I'm working on getting something done, another part of my brain is busy finding new things to do, and the problem then becomes avoiding getting sucked into looking at the new things rather then finishing what is in progress.

"Hey brain, what are doing?"
"Well, brain, I'm working on The App."
"Cool, what are you working on?"
"Verification checking before deleting a record from the database."
"Oh. Sounds boring. I found a new thing we should add to it."
"Ok ... what do you have this time?"
"'Lion Button'. We should add a 'Lion Button'."
"Eh ... what would that do?"
"Well, the user clicks the 'Lion Button', then a lion pops up on the screen and roars. Cool. huh?"
"Ok, other than being a total rip-off of the MGM lion, this doesn't really add value to our App."
"Come on! Everyone on the Internet loves cats. A lion is a big cat, and bigger is better. This will be awesome!"
"But it doesn't add any value to the App. It has nothing to do with lions."
"Nah, you just can't do it..."
"Well, I could just add a menu item, add some iconograhy, and create a new Intent for... Hey, now you got me doing this."
"This is a waste of time. I got to get back to my database stuff."
"You know what else I got you to do?"
"Write this blog post..."


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